Safety Through Skill – e-learning program

Safety Through Skill – e-learning program

We are all responsible to take care of our safety. When the aim is towards zero accidents and we want that every one of us goes home after a safe day at work, it requires information, skill and every professional´s commitment to improving safety.

Safety through skill e-learning program offers you basic information and practical methods to improve safety in your own work environment.


  • Improves awareness of safety challenge
  • Improves understanding of safety fundamentals
  • Improves ability to work safer
  • Each courses consist of numerous case examples of typical safety risks and how to manage those
  • Offers a good start for systematic safety training

Safety through skill program in brief

The course will show you the foundations of safety. After you have completed the course you will know the central concepts of safety and will be able to look at safety from various perspectives. You will know what deviations are, understand their effects and know the principles of improving safety.

The course examines safety from a systems perspective, namely, from the perspective of the organization. When you have attended the course you will understand what systems thinking means, know how safety deviations arise in the system and know how the system can be developed into becoming safer.

The course will familiarize you with human factors and how they affect safety. After the course you will understand what human factors are, know their effect on safety and how they can be managed.

During this course, you will learn the importance of multi-professional cooperation in safety management. You will understand how teamwork-related problems may lead to safety deviations and what smooth cooperation means in practice.

The course will familiarize you with the risks of safety and their management. After the course you will be able to detect different risks affecting safety and understand the principles of risk management from the viewpoint of both, professionals and organizations.

The course deals with learning from safety deviations. After the course you will understand the importance of safety deviation reporting and you will know the reporting system in use. You will also know how to handle safety deviations and how to develop the operations based on safety deviation reporting.

To whom?

The training program is intended to all professionals and organizations operating in all field of business.


Learning program consists of six e-learning modules, duration approximately 30 minutes each.